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Frequently Asked Questions

Method of payment

Paying by Credit Card and Bank transfer
You can pay by Credit Card or bank transfer.

If you are using a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express gift card, DC Card, JCB, CF, please note the following restrictions:
Pre-paid gift cards can't be combined with credit cards on a single order.

About lesson

How long is 1 class?
1 class is equivalent to 30 minutes.

How can the teacher help me improve
The teacher will teach you the correct pronunciation.
She/he will demonstrates how to pronounce the word correctly.
You will have a listen - and - repeat exercises for you to practice.
How can the teacher help me improve my grammar?
Your teacher will help you simplify the words and give the meaning.
You will be given exercises and examples of sentences using the vocabulary words.
Cancel of classes and absence
1. What if I want to cancel my class?
Cancellation of classes should be done five (5) hours before your class schedule. That is considered as CANCEL not absent. You can get back your points and you can re -schedule the class again. But if you cannot CANCEL the class before five (5) hours, that is considered as ABSENT. You cannot get back the points.
2. How can I cancel or inform the management about my absence?
If you want to cancel your class, please access ***.

About teacher

Can I choose a teacher?
Yes. You can choose a teacher when you reserve the class.
Many students select one or two teachers, after they try some teacher' classes.


Who can apply/ enroll for the courses?
Anyone can apply from ages 4 and above. Below 18 years old, needs to have parental guidance or parent’s consent. For ages 4 to 10, parents should accompany their children during classes.
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